PVP Live Esports

About Us

PVP Live exists to create high quality North American esports events and to forge strong global communities around both the games and the competitions. Launched in September 2013, we have partnered with game developers, broadcasters, and top-tier talent to grow broad online communities and produce groundbreaking competitive events that reached hundreds of thousands of viewers in the first six months alone. Headquartered in Frisco, TX, we house both a network of gaming communities and a fully equipped broadcast studio for live productions. Together they are both the Sports and the Sports Page.

The Vision

North American Esports. Global Community

PVP Live will become the preeminent force in North American esports. Our audience is worldwide.

We Grow Communities

We create positive, inclusive platforms to engage the community and provide them the venue to express themselves.

Gaming Is Not A Hobby, It Is A Journey

PVP Live provides a landmark destination for every gamer, whether just starting out or competing as elite esports athletes.

Focus: Intensity: Momentum

Gaming is our passion, and it drives us through the process of expansion - personally and professionally.

Forging Partnerships

We develop deep, lasting relationships with our partners. We are collaborative where others are transactional, targeted where others are fragmented.

We Grow Communities


We grow global communities and act as the heartbeat of the conversation. Our community brings together core influencers with a broad range of players and viewers to provide them the latest news and information on their favorite franchise, as well as engaging them with a platform for communication, collaboration, and competition.


We assemble the world’s greatest esports athletes and provide them a platform to perform at the highest pinnacles of competitive gaming. Our polished productions offer the excitement and entertainment of gaming bridged with the intensity and history-making of traditional sports. These productions are made available across the complete media spectrum - online streams, video on demand, and live local events.


Esports is both inspirational and aspirational - nearly everyone can pursue their dreams of competing at the highest levels. Our team develops and deploys online media to support the players in our community from day one all the way up to the professional competitive level.

Forging Partnerships


PVP Live understands that forging enduring partnerships is essential to evolving and growing the esports industry. We value our partnerships and place each one at the very core of our business. We craft co-active and collaborative partnerships that allow us to activate, target, and represent their brand identities across our network. These relationships are not transactional, they are transformative for both our partners and ourselves. We take pride in our ownership and our mentality as stakeholders in the relationship; we view the success of our partners as equally critical as our own success.

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