Apr 21 2014
Written By Exhil
MeetYourMakers and vVv Gaming are branching out into Hearthstone, and have picked up a selection of players to represent them in the addictive card game that's taking the world by storm.
Apr 18 2014
Written By Dahlya
If you spend time in Hearthstone’s Practice or Play modes, you’ve most likely realized that some cards are more valuable than others. If your deck seems to be missing some of those game-changing cards, you can always explore crafting. Crafting allows you to use Arcane Dust to create new cards – including legendaries!
Apr 17 2014
Written By Dahlya
One of the great things about Hearthstone is that you can play with friends from all over the globe. But what about your local friends? Hearthstone has you covered there as well, with their Fireside Gathering taking place on April 26th.
Apr 15 2014
Written By Exhil
In a recent interview at PAX East, Senior Game Designers Brian Holinka and Steve Burke as well as Lead Class Designer Kris Zierhut sat down to talk with BlizzPro's Hearthstone Site Manager about Warlords of Draenor, as well as some specific features of the new expansion.
Apr 14 2014
Written By Dahlya
In Hearthstone constructed play, you choose your hero and build a deck based off of cards that you own in order to face off against other players who have also carefully crafted their decks. But that all goes out the window with arenas, where you construct your deck based on choosing the best of 30 different sets of cards.


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